Solaris 11 Express SRU 12

07.12.2011 17:57

От 13 октября

Packages:  SUNWgnome-remote-desktop, driver/crypto/n2cp, SUNWcs, SUNWapch22u, SUNWgnome-display-mgr, x11/library/libxfont, SUNWdbus-python26, SUNWdbus-devel, SUNWofusr, system/library/freetype-2, driver/network/ntxn, SUNWgnome-display-mgr-root, SUNWdbus-python24, SUNWdbus-python24-devel, system/kernel, SUNWdbus-python26-devel, SUNWgnome-img-editor, x11/x11-server-utilities, SUNWdbus-libs, SUNWdbus, system/header, system/library/security/crypto/pkcs11_kms, system/library, system/kernel/platform, SUNWgnome-remote-desktop-root

Change Requests included in this version:

7053683 Problem with gnome/libraries
7016127 shmat fails with EINVAL on Westmere systems
7026016 pkcs11kms -- invalid passphrase errors being logged in KMSAgentLog.log
7051108 Problem with gnome/session
6919590 Problem with shell/korn93
7074024 Problem with xserver/font
7040064 search_for_objects() may unlock an already unlocked mutex
6950017 Problem with kernel/streams
6983505 libkmsagent does not need to store the HexHashedPassphrase
7074613 SUNWpkcs11kms package copyright notice needs more text.
7071917 Problem with xserver/font
7005228 memory leaks in libkmsagent
6994300 Oracle Enterprise Manager and LDoms hangs on T3 server
7083183 Problem with utility/apache
7029587 objlabels.lst handling is fragile
7023753 libkmsagent in ON does not build with OpenSSL 1.0.0
7075500 Problem with gnome/applications
7068481 pkcs11_kms agent not updating client cluster.cfg with current OKM cluster status
7052944 ibdiagnet -r shows error setMFTPortForMLid : Given port:32 is too high
7063049 kms agent rewrites cluster.cfg file unnecessarily during LoadProfile
7040018 kmscfg fails to run on freshly-installed S10u10 system
7004495 ntxn panic in unm_reserve_rx_buffer
7019686 Problem with rbac/admin
7032220 kmsagent headers need to be in PROTO area
7031755 pkcs11_kms agent -- can not enroll pkcs11 agent to OKM using IPv6 protocol
7065602 KMSAgent Log -- Failover message logged is not clear to user
7022433 Problem with xserver/xclients
7046466 Problem with gnome/applications
7055244 Profile files not properly protected for multi-process access
7056371 libkmsagent is built against C++ archive libraries
7064483 timeout failures seen with many saquery options
7088220 ibdiagnet fails on SRU
7019465 libkmsagent must move to usr/closed due to gSOAP licensing
7023053 pkcs11_kms does not verify PIN set correctly due to incorrect path
6974505 SOAP code in libkmsagent can cause SEGV if agent is not available.
7048323 panic seen in n2cp_cwq_q_unconfigure() while running numa test suite from STC
7017601 Reproducible BAD TRAP on Serpa system running zfscrypto test
7012935 pkcs11_kms agent not respecting key state value from OKM


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