Solaris 11 Express SRU 13

07.12.2011 18:02

От 7 ноября (теперь changelog'и SRU будут публиковаться еженедельно, без задержки, если оракл опять не ступит с нашими ключами)

Packages:  system/zones/brand/ipkg, SUNWcs, SUNWapch22u, system/file-system/nfs, package/pkg, package/pkg/package-manager, consolidation/ips/ips-incorporation, driver/storage/pmcs, SUNWapr13lib, SUNWapr13dev, SUNWtcat-examples, driver/network/ofk, system/kernel, install/beadm, SUNWgnome-img-editor, SUNWghostscriptu, developer/opensolaris/pkg5, SUNWtcatr, SUNWghostscriptr, system/trusted/trusted-nonglobal, package/pkg/update-manager, SUNWflash-player-plugin, SUNWtcatu, system/library

Change Requests included in this version:

7076729 [cups] gs crashed and cups scheduler goes into maintenance
7098585 pkg support for upgrading to fcs release needed
7079990 Problem with gnome/applications
6993033 *ps2pdf* dumps core with ghostscript-8.64
6914015 opensolaris ghostscript bitcmyk is broken
7092986 Problem with utility/apache
6994313 disk hotswap caused IO to stop, BUI and "zpool status" hang
7002141 Problem with utility/apache
7068679 Ghostscript should use system shared libpng and zlib
6975488 Problem with utility/ghostscript
6886857 statically linked libjpeg in causes crash in evince
7068706 Ghostscript: Error: Font Renderer Plugin ( FreeType )
7004858 Unable to activate new BE after 'pkg update' from 151a/152 to 154
7080654 Upgrade Apache Tomcat to version 6.0.33
7093649 Problem with flashplayer/player
6941854 idmap_getwinnamebygid() and idmap_getwinnamebyuid() need to work for builtin names
7104266 packagemanager stack traces should tell customers to report issues to service
7000989 Problem with kernel/tcp-ip
7102984 pkg(5) package licenses need a year update
6905495 Problem with print/ghostscript
6992183 system not responding after hotplug operations
7101660 Solaris Express SRU13 pkg(5) CR info needs an update
7072170 rping hangs on G5+ with SRU
7003267 gs dumps core building clisp on sparc
7086335 Problem with utility/apache
7102987 exclude dependencies need work
7041017 Remove pointer to old printer driver (gedevmd2k.c)
7074895 sol_uverbs panic in build 170 while running OpenMPI
7029037 bad mutex in cma_generate_event_sync() caused system panic
7049240 Problem with utility/apache
7104247 Remove platform exclude dependencies in Solaris 11 Express SRU
7101910 ips-incorporation is missing renamed Python libraries
7067820 Problem with utility/apache
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